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Achieve Flawless Retail Execution

Your sales reps in the field can easily collect real-time, accurate data about store conditions using Flowfinity.

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Since 2000, leading consumer packaged goods companies have relied on Flowfinity to manage retail execution with mobile apps.

Gain Insight at the Shelf

Merchandise planning can be challenging. Knowing if plans were executed correctly in retail stores is even harder. With Flowfinity mobile apps, you can get a clear picture of retail conditions:

  • Voids and out-of-stocks
  • Planogram compliance
  • Facings
  • Holiday promotions
  • Brand representation
  • Competitor information

By capturing real-time data in stores, you can ensure that your products are positioned at you can ensure that your products are positioned at the right time and place with consumers, quickly address any issues that arise, and create a valuable audit trail to manage your merchandiser or broker performance.

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Standardize Data Collection

Standardize how store data is collected across channels, territories, retail chains and more. Flowfinity delivers a centralized method for creating, publishing and reporting on retail audits.

  • Create authorized product lists for each store
  • Customize activities and views by employee role
  • Distribute sales materials on mobile devices
  • Use reference lists for stores, products and more



Custom Retail Audit Apps

Flowfinity's flexible platform lets you create your ideal retail execution solution by customizing mobile forms and workflows to suit your way of running your business.

As your business evolves, your Flowfinity solution can grow with you. You can easily modify apps and forms anytime, and updates are immediately published to all users and cross-platform devices.

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Why Choose Flowfinity?

Flowfinity Features

unlimited apps

Unlimited Apps

Create as many apps and forms as you need for data collection, dispatch, surveys, workflows and more.

no programming

No Coding

Stay agile. Our web-based app editor lets you create and update your own apps without any programming.

cross-platform enterprise apps

Choose Your Device

Build once, deploy anywhere. Flowfinity supports cross-platform use on popular smartphones and tablets.

offline mobile forms

Works Offline

No network? No problem. Flowfinity apps help you stay productive no matter where you are.

transactional enterprise apps

Two-Way Transactions

For real business processes, you need more than just data collection. We support two-way information access.

enterprise app integration

Flexible Integration

Flowfinity is database-driven, so you can integrate your mobile solution with other back-end systems.

  • "Over the past year, we've gone from using Flowfinity for conducting retail surveys to price surveys and on-premise surveys, and expanded the scope from about 300,000 accounts to more than 500,000 accounts across the country."

    Director of Sales Training, Constellation Brands
  • "The ease of use really shows how Flowfinity designed the software with the end user in mind. With a solid communication process after audits are performed, it allows us to close the loop on current issues, store by store."

    Director of Sales, McCormick & Co.
  • "The efficiencies in reporting will help increase our sales call coverage by nearly 20 percent and the (Flowfinity) platform will give us the ability to capture real-time store level data. This valuable data will be utilized to better understand our corporate customer base allowing us to develop highly targeted sales strategies."

    VP of Retail Sales and Merchandising, Suja Juice

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