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Top CPG brands rely on Flowfinity mobile apps to gather and access critical real-time data about store conditions. Giving sales reps and retail merchandisers the tools they need to be productive means better retail execution management and more eyes in stores, where shoppers make their buying decisions.

Flowfinity CPG Customers

Mobile Retail Audits

Flowfinity software allows you to configure flexible mobile data collection forms and apps to support the entire store survey and retail audit process. You can migrate your retail audit process from paper or laptops to tablets and smartphones. With a point-and-click editor, you can configure mobile forms to measure:

  • Voids & out-of-stocks
  • Competitor information
  • Shelf conditions
  • Promotion compliance
  • Planogram validation
  • Broker performance
iPad retail execution mobile survey iPad store survey form sketch
Customize fields for mobile retail audit forms Annotate pictures to highlight issues

Once a form is created it can be accessed on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows devices or from a desktop computer, without having to configure the form for each device. Flowfinity even works offline without cellular or Internet coverage, so that your field teams can stay productive when they are out of the coverage area or if the connection is dropped.

Gain More Retail Insight, Faster

All the data collected from Flowfinity apps in-store is automatically sent to a central database for searching, reporting, or integration with other systems. Store audit results are available right away, without the need for field or administrative staff to type in or collate the data. Gain deeper insights into channel, product, retailer or broker trends. Use real-time data to quickly identify and respond to issues that require immediate attention.

Standardize Retail Execution Procedures

Flowfinity software is adaptable, so that retail audits forms can be easily modified at any time. Once modified, forms are published over-the-air to smartphones and tablets in the field. This gives business users the ability to continually assess procedures, improve, and publish new audit forms as needed.

Combine with POS Data to Focus Attention

Combining POS data such as void sales with product authorizations can focus field reps attention on just those products that require special attention, where the payoff will be greatest. With Flowfinity you can create customized store audit forms that focus the auditors’ attention on the products authorized for a particular store, and if data is available, on those products experiencing lower than expected sales volumes. Once the store audits are submitted, the data is also available for analysis in combination with other sales data from internal sources, retail partners or commercial data resellers.

Improve Accountability of Field Teams

Use Flowfinity to customize mobile timesheets that effectively track billable time and the location of your field staff. Flexible timesheets with GPS stamping can be integrated into your payroll system or used to generate independent time and location reports.

Streamline Broker Management and Relations

Close the loop with brokers by providing timely, detailed evidence of store conditions. Generate automatic reports to monitor and communicate how merchandising plans were executed and how retail execution can be improved.


Now, I get an accurate picture of exactly how our products are presented to customers so we can do a trend analysis over time. Decision-making flows much easier up the ladder because I can present the numbers that will get people’s attention. Ultimately that means we can influence consumers in a much deeper and richer way.

Ed Bollinger

Director of Retail Operations

H.J. Heinz